Schedules of Condition or Dilapidations

A typical example of the need for a Schedule of Condition would be for both landlord and tenant before the tenant moves into the property in question.  Our experienced Surveyor will carry out an inspection of the property and prepare a schedule, supported by photographs, of the condition of the property and any defects that already exist when the tenant moves in.  When the tenant later moves out of the property, we would re-visit and prepare a Schedule of Dilapidation to be compared to the Schedule Condition in order to highlight any defects that have appeared during the course of the tenancy and any breach of convenant by either the tenant or the landlord.

True Associates are experienced in the preparation of Schedules of Condition or Dilapidations as required, of particular use to commercial landlords and tenants.

Another example where a Schedule of Condition is necessary is where you (or your neighbour) are proposing to carry out works which may affect the adjoining property.  A Schedule of Condition of the neighbouring property is prepared prior to works commencing and reinspected at completion to ensure no damage has been caused as a result of the works.

We cover the whole of London & the South East.