Schedules of Condition

A typical example of the need for a Schedule of Condition would be for a tenant before they move into a property.  Our experienced Surveyor will carry out an inspection of the property and prepare a schedule, supported by photographs, of the condition of the property and any defects that already exist when the tenant moves in.  When a tenant later moves out their Landlord would normally instruct a Surveyor to prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations in order to highlight any defects that have appeared during the course of the tenancy and any breach of repairing convenant by the tenant. Obviously, having a record of the condition of the property as it was when you moved in would be helpful in defending yourself against an exaggerated Dilapidations claim.

Another example where a Schedule of Condition is necessary is where you (or your neighbour) are proposing to carry out works which may affect the adjoining property.  A Schedule of Condition of the neighbouring property is prepared prior to works commencing and reinspected at completion to ensure no damage has been caused as a result of the works.

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