Party Wall Matters

True Associates are experienced Party Wall Surveyors and are members of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club for Surveyors specializing in The Party Wall etc. Act 1996.

Simply put, a party wall is the structure (wall or sometimes even the floor!) which divides your property from that of your adjoining neighbour, whether to the side, above or below you.  This Act appears to be simple in procedure, but often turns out to be quite complex and requires a professional with experience in this specialist field.  As well as covering works to a shared structure it can also apply to situations where you or your neighbour plan to carry out excavations for say a basement that might affect an adjoining property’s foundations.

Should you or your neighbour be considering building an extension or carrying out a loft conversion, your project is almost certain to fall within the scope of this legislation.  We act on behalf of the Building Owner or the Adjoining Owner (or often both) as the Act stipulates that we should act impartially and our duty is to the “wall”.  We can advise you through the entire process, visiting site before the works begin, providing a Schedule of Condition, preparing and issuing the Party Wall Award and then visiting site during and at the end of the project to ensure the schedule has been adhered to.

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